what do you love about rory?
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The question is what don’t I love about Rory, and the answer is pretty much nothing. I’m sitting here trying to articulate why I love him, and I keep typing things and deleting them because I can’t find the right words or what I love most about him.

I love the way he loves Amy. I love how devoted he was to her, and I know that some people saw him with the whole jealousy thing and everything, but at the end of the day, he never asked her to give up the Doctor, and he never asked her to choose him or choose the Doctor. Sure, in the beginning, he was trying to settle down with her in a “normal” life, but eventually, the traveling was something he wanted too since in The Power of Three, he didn’t want to stop traveling either. He just loved Amy, but in the process, he went from this bumbling, nerdy guy to this hero character, and I really liked his development. But yeah, his love for Amy is just staggering in its steadfastness.

I also love that he called the Doctor out on a lot of things. He wasn’t afraid of the Doctor or in awe of the Doctor.  I think the Doctor respected him for that too, since he let Rory do things like help take care of the Tardis, which wasn’t something he really let anyone else do. Rory really just came into his own over his time on the show, and I loved watching it.

I don’t think I explained myself very well because there’s just so much I love about him that it would probably require me to go over every episode just to say what I love, but I tried my best.

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6x09 "Today we’re answering a cry for help from the scariest place in the universe. A child’s bedroom. "
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do you follow Denny's on tumblr?



They wish.


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ohana means family. family means having your life choices questioned and your flaws pointed out to you

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have you ever known somebody so shitty they completely ruin that first name for you?

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